CCT Persistent Components

CCT Documentation

These components provide functionality more deeply integrated into CCT than those of the Actions. To add one of these components to CCT, simply add <component type="zzz" /> to the desired location of your xml layout, where zzz is the component name.

NOTE: Capitalization of the component name does not matter

Component Name Description
scramblechooser This is a drop down box that lets you pick a scramble customization.
scramblenumber A spinner that lets you scroll to the nth scramble in your history.
scramblelength A spinner that gives control over the length of the scrambles CCT generates.
scrambleattributes A bunch of checkboxes that let you enable or disable various scramble attributes.
stackmatstatuslabel A simple status message to let the user know if the stackmat is ON or OFF.
scramblearea An area where the current scramble is formatted and displayed.
timerdisplay This is the most important component of CCT, it's where all the timing is done.
timeslist A table of times, with optional colums to show incremental rolling averages and solve comments.
customguimenu A menu item that lets users select from the available xml gui layouts.
languagecombobox A dropdown box that allows users to select one of the installed languages
profilecombobox A dropdown box that allows users to select the current profile.
sessionslist A table of the sessions in the database.
clock Displays the current date and time.