Lucas's Corner Permutation Page

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The applets on this page, as on my alg page, are Josef Jelinek's Java Rubik's Cube animation applets.

These are the algs I use for corner permutation. Technically, a three-cycle and lots of setup moves suffice. But with a few algs, I often have to little more than adjust layers I'm including a few I don't normally use, but that could be useful.

CO Straight Execution
[4 3 1]
R B' R F2 R' B R F2' R2
[1 2 4]
Three-Cycle Reflection/inverse
L' B L' F2 L B' L' F2' L2
[5 1 3] Lift
Not very fast, but easy to execute cleanly and accurately
(R2' U)(L2' U)(R2 U')(L2' U)(R2' U2 R2')
[7 8 1]
This shortens the PLL and avoids setup moves for some cases
R' B' R F2 R' B R F2'
[8 1 3] Lift (conjugated)
This is not really a new alg, but the only typ of three cycle you can encounter that I haven't mentioned.
D' (R2' U)(L2' U)(R2 U')(L2' U)(R2' U2 R2') D
[1 8 4 7 3] 5-cycle
Really cool, but I've never used it.
(U' R2 U R2')x3
[1 85] 3-cycle
Good lifting trick
(R U' R' U2 R U R') D (R U' R' U2 R U R') D'