Compound OLL

Solving OLL with two algs in one look
Lucas Garron; March 18-20, 2006 (updated August 2, 2021)

This is a technique I came up with a while ago, though I never implemented it (since I do not plan to learn OLL). It turns OLL into a 1-look, 2-alg process. Essentially, it breaks OLL into EOLL and COLL so that they are performed almost independently; edge orientation is done first without affecting corners. Conveniently, these cases are all a part of OLL, so this is a great stepping stone (only 9 algs!) toward full OLL that is almost as fast -I'm sure that people like Yu-Jeong Min could use it for OLL and still average sub-15.
I'm actually writing this up for speed BLD, since compound OLL is quite useful there; thus, I discuss application to speed BLD throughout this page.


These are three nice finger-trick commutators using U, M, R, and r. They do not affect corners, of course, to allow OLL prediction.

This is one of the ECs.
I basically got the finger trick version from Macky's site.

Speed BLD info: Only affects three edges (F, R, B).

The commutator:
M F R' F' M' F R F'
Finger Trick Version:
R U R' U' r R' U R U' r'
=R U R' U' M' U R U' r'

It opposite/conjugate/inverse.

Speed BLD info: Also only affects three edges (F, B, R). Cycles opposite direction.

The commutator:
F R' F' M F R F' M'
Finger Trick Version:
r U R' U' r' R U R U' R'
=r U R' U' M U R U' R'

The 4-flip; Vandenbergh's reflected. Don't forget the initial U.

Speed BLD info: Switches edges across.

U M' U' R' U' R U M2' U' R' U r


Since EOLL does not affect corners, they will be in the same position, and you should be able to go right on to one of these after EOLL. They don't do confusing stuff to LL, so they're nice for speed BLD.
These have the same naming scheme as my BLD CO system (actually, even regular COLL for me).

These all have a couple of features in common. Be prepared to use these from any angle, and reflected. They affect corners almost trivially; for edges I just remember which one doesn't move and check one of the other three for cycle order.

Good ol' regular Sune.

Speed BLD info: Orients corners, sends them across LL. Doesn't move the front edge, and you should be able to figure out the cycle direction in the back quickly with practice.

Sune: R U R' U R U2 R'

Be prepared to use an inverse Sune/anti-Sune.

Speed BLD info: Like the Sune, orients corners (differently, though), sends them across LL. Front edge stays, but back cycles the other way.

Anti-Sune: R U2 R' U' R U' R'

Niklas: Alternate to the Sune, good to know for speed BLD

Speed BLD info: Orients and commutes corners, does not affect edges.

Niklas: R U' L' U R' U' L (U)

Double Sune and Double anti-Sune. Same OLL, slightly different effects. Speed BLD info: Orients, but does not permute corners, cycles back edges.

Double Sune:
R U R' U R U' R' U R U2 R'
Double anti-Sune:
R U2 R' U' R U R' U' R U' R'

This one's weird. It's remniscent of the Sunes, sort of an anti-Sune+Sune stitched together, so I'm sticking it here.
You can do all the R's clockwise; I do that for OH.
I don't recommend R' U L U' R U' L' U' L U' L', but you might want to know it.

Speed BLD info: Orients corners, and sends them across LL. It leaves the UR edge and cycles the F, L, & B edges.

Pi: R U2' R2' U' R2 U' R2' U2' R

Triple Sune (is the same as triple inverse-Sune)

Speed BLD info: Orients corners and swaps across LL, but does not affect edges. Use this if the corners are in correct clockwise order.

Triple Sune: R U R' U R U' R' U R U' R' U R U2 R'

These will (charcteristically of commutators) have a back-and-forth style and only affect corners. Be careful about commmutation order on these for speed BLD.

This is an alternative to the triple Sune. It's slightly faster and easier to execute correctly (it's possible to get lost on the U's and R's of a triple Sune). It can also lead to easier PLL.

Speed BLD info: Commutates three corners, and does not affect edges. Use this if the corners are not in order.

B' R B L' B' R' B L

Straightforward commutator.

Speed BLD info: Commutates three corners, and does not affect edges.

Chameleon: R B R' F R B' R' F'
(or F' L' B L F L' B' L)

Another straightforward commutator. Use the variant R2 D' L F2' L' D R U2' R at your own risk.

Speed BLD info: Commutates three corners, and does not affect edges.

Headlights: R2' D R' U2 R D' R' U2 R'