Lucas's Edge Permutation Page

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The applets on this page, as on my alg page, are Josef Jelinek's Java Rubik's Cube animation applets.

These are the algs I use for edge permutation. I mostly use Allans, but the one variant avoids setup moves, and parities are common. I'm leaving out algs that are impractical to consider unless encountered, like M2U2M2U2. I also know both directions of Allans from all angles, and some of their inverses; extrapolate and interpolate.

CO Straight Execution
[1 4 3]
Allan (Three-Cycle)
L2 U' L' U' L U L U L U' L
[1 3 4]
Allan (Three-Cycle)
R2' U R U R' U' R' U' R' U R'
[1 3][2 4]
M2' U' M2' U2' M2' U' M2'
[1 4][2 3]
Other parity; note the direction of the last "U"
(found this one in chemistry class during Study Session)
M2' U' M' U2' M2' U2' M' U M2'
[1 2 5]
Allan variant
Has a nice rhythm to it; also found this one myself.
Make sure to perform it on two unrestricted faces (like U and F)
(R2 U R U R) U' (R' U' R' U' R')
Here, with the F face being used as R.
[2 3 4]
Yet another variant
R2 U R U R2' U' R' U' R' U2 R'